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Journeying Together With Our Founders

March 31, 2022
Written by Taylor Stoute


Journey Together

Equipped with the seasoned wisdom of those who have ventured before, we exist to make the journey less isolating, ambiguous, share our stories, mistakes, and frameworks for a guided path to an efficient and effective impact.

Golden Section views the founder journey as one that should not be navigated alone. As founders ourselves, we have experienced the highs and the lows – the what to do’s and the what not to do’s. We’re eager to share our learned wisdom with other like-minded founders to help them avoid costly mistakes we’ve committed or seen committed in the past.

We equip our founders with expertly-led B2B SaaS guidance and a dynamic structure to become category king in their specific market by providing access to our playbooks, venture partners, and a diverse internal team. Additionally, a huge part of journeying together is sticking together through thick and thin, which we take extremely seriously.

We are in it with our founders for the long haul on whatever path they might see fit, whether that is a meaningful exit in 5 years or taking a shot at the moon.

Commitment to Balance

Building a business involves the entire team, this includes co-founders, employees, spouses, kids, and the surrounding community. Consider the journey, determine the risk, embrace the challenge, all while keeping a steady eye on the important things in life.

We strive to instill balance in our companies and within our own team. Balance may look different from person to person, but the underlying principle is that one must distribute their time across a variety of different activities to avoid burnout from one.

By commitment, we mean prioritizing things that mean the most in life and recognizing what lies outside of those items. We understand that a complete mind shift away from work (“the company”) is probably not possible for most founders, but finding ways to focus on other aspects of life for a few moments a day is crucial to the founder’s longevity. We believe in the value of family time, strong friendships, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.

Ultimately, a commitment to balance within an organization at all levels lays the foundation for a healthy work culture and enables sustainability within the business.

Flourishing Communities

We know community to be essential to the growth and support of founders and their companies. We see community as a commitment to participate, desire to learn more, and willingness to generously give back when your experience can further the growth of others.

Surrounding founders with an active and engaged community is imperative, especially during the early days of building a company. With a strong community, founders are able to connect with others in their same shoes as well as share knowledge, resources, and services which could very well affect their bottom line for the better.

Our community is unique in that we consist not only of founders and Golden Section team members, but also of venture partners, investors, and strategic partners, which enables diverse perspectives and extended networks. Within our community, we aspire to cultivate an environment where individuals feel comfortable to share their experiences and learnings, where uncommon friendships are common, where members feel the freedom to be themselves, where generosity flows and selflessness reigns.

By achieving these ambitions and continuing to keep them front of mind, our community will naturally flourish. Ultimately for us, flourishing looks like organic interactions between members, sustainable growth, and widespread prosperity.

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