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Growing revenue requires capital.

Accessing a credit line through our lending facility enables that without the dilution a traditional venture investment would demand of your equity. GS Lending powers efficient sales organizations to create $4 of ARR from each $1 borrowed which translates into $10 of enterprise value for $1invested into your sales and marketing budget.


Golden Section Lending provides flexible credit products for B2B SaaS founders with lines between $1M to $5M.

Unlike most revenue-based lending, we provide large commitments wrapped with access to industry expertise to propel your company to an exit. Our 60+ years of collective experience activates with our venture debt facility to power driven founders with the resources to get to an exit without excessive dilution.


With Golden Section you will receive everything you need

With Golden Section you will receive everything you need, from high-level strategy to granular implementation. Golden Section has accumulated countless insights related to avoiding B2B SaaS mistakes. This wisdom has been distilled into our playbooks, which provide an operational framework for creating and growing process-driven companies with a clear timeline and milestones. What’s more, the Golden Section team is composed of many experts with years of experience, all of whom know what it takes to create winning products. Beyond that, they can also help you preserve your creative ideas. Finally, working with Golden Section’s founders studio can equip founders with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in the space—not just when getting started, but throughout their journey. 

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GSL gives founders confidence to drive their revenue machine all the way to an exit.

Other venture lenders spend months getting to know you, and then cap their commitments at less than 50% of revenue. We can unlock 2x your revenue in a single commitment within 30 days.

Types of Venture Funding

There are different types of venture funding, including options like private equity firms.

For instance, if you’re just starting out, you will need to gather seed capital. Once you get a little further along in your business you can begin seeking startup capital. At this stage your company should have a sample product. While it’s rare to receive funding at this point in the process, the funding you do get should cover items related to the finalization of your product or service. Early stage capital is often received a few years into your venture. This funding can help you increase sales and improve productivity and efficiency.

Once your company is well-established and has been around for a while you can start looking for expansion capital, which will enable you to enter new markets or improve your existing marketing efforts. Later on, you may receive late stage capital. Bridge financing is also available for those seeking a partner to help them find a merger or acquisition opportunity. Essentially, the type of venture funding you can receive depends on the age of your business, your success, and what you’re hoping to accomplish further down the road.

Golden Section helps founders focus on capital efficiency and growing their revenue, as well as understand their growth and exit options. By partnering with Golden Section you can ensure you never feel like you’re backed into a corner with your business. Whether you’re interested in growth with increased efficiency, avoiding equity dilution, or developing an exit strategy, Golden Section has the solutions that are right for you. Golden Section’s leadership team is comprised of experienced founders that have run early-stage companies and understand the pitfalls that new founders may encounter along the way.

You can benefit from Golden Section’s pool of hard-earned wisdom, ensuring that you don’t run into problems that can hinder the growth of your business. Of course, the perfect business investment opportunity doesn’t just come out of nowhere, which is why Golden Section looks for businesses with potential—ones that can achieve greatness with the proper support.