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Venture Studio vs. Founders Studio

A founders studio supports founders with technical expertise, funding, and other services

When dealing in the venture capital space, it can be useful for founders to work with a founders studio. Whether you’re one of many B2B SaaS founders, involved with a tech company, or otherwise, you can benefit from a founders studio like the one offered by Golden Section. Unlike a traditional firm, which may only provide funding, a founders studio supports founders with technical expertise, funding, and other services. Golden Section’s founders studio promotes effective partnership and efficient growth. From software development to executive leadership, Golden Section is not a startup incubator or accelerator, but a growth partner committed to your meaningful exit.


Founders that are new to the venture capital space, or even those looking to expand their knowledge or skill set, might consider working with a founders studio.

Golden Section offers seasoned wisdom from those that have ventured before, sharing stories from past experiences to help founders avoid mistakes and achieve efficient growth. These lessons contain proven methodology that aid in developing meaningful relationships and sharing valuable, practical lessons.


With Golden Section you will receive everything you need

With Golden Section you will receive everything you need, from high-level strategy to granular implementation. Golden Section has accumulated countless insights related to avoiding B2B SaaS mistakes. This wisdom has been distilled into our playbooks, which provide an operational framework for creating and growing process-driven companies with a clear timeline and milestones. What’s more, the Golden Section team is composed of many experts with years of experience, all of whom know what it takes to create winning products. Beyond that, they can also help you preserve your creative ideas. Finally, working with Golden Section’s founders studio can equip founders with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in the space—not just when getting started, but throughout their journey. 

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what is a founders studio?

Our Founders Studio differs from traditional studios in that Golden Section Studios offers more than just startup funding

So, what is a founders studio? As discussed previously, a founders studio, sometimes known as a founders factory, is a platform or system through which founders can receive the tools and training to build a successful business. Our Founders Studio differs from traditional studios in that Golden Section Studios offers more than just startup funding. We work with founders through each step of the process, ensuring that they are able to journey on their path towards a meaningful exit, while minimizing the traditional challenges founders may face. We believe this approach is best for founders who are looking to be fully prepared to succeed in building their endeavors.

Golden Section’s founders studio also enables founders to level up their product development strategies. With access to up to $500k of investments, Golden Section can offer up to $500k in investments, which can be used to make your vision and products that consumers can benefit from. In this way, Golden Section helps founders achieve revenue-driven product growth through a heavy emphasis on sales and marketing automation and efficiency. This efficiency can lead to 50% less capital waste through shorter product development timelines and proven go to market strategies.

Golden Section empathizes with entrepreneurs and works directly with them to bring their ideas to life. This process can be streamlined with the help of efficient agile development methodologies when building B2B software. Above all else, the team at Golden Section emphasizes balance and sustainability for its portfolio companies. With Golden Section’s founders studio, founders can follow a proven path for efficient growth, which can allow them to reach long-term success. Founders will be prepared to navigate the risks that they will encounter when building a company by leveraging Golden Section’s playbooks, methodology, and community. This can prove to be an invaluable tool for new founders to get started and potentially avoid some of the obstacles and uncertainty associated with being an entrepreneur and building B2B SaaS companies.

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Venture Capital Firms

If you’re a budding entrepreneur wanting to grow your business, you first need to acquire the funding to get things up and running.

You may have applied for a bank loan and been denied, being told that your business is too risky of an investment. In that case, you would need to look elsewhere for funding. More specifically, you want to find someone that’s willing to take on a risky investment in exchange for what they see as solid potential for growth.

Traditional venture capital firms comprise investors that gain income from people who want to grow their wealth. These investors take their money and invest it in projects that are typically considered too risky for banks to accept—projects like startup businesses. Founders capital partners work with founders to achieve business growth. Investors in venture capital funds or founders capital are typically large, wealthy institutions like pension funds, financial firms, and insurance companies. These players put a small percentage of their funds into high-risk investments.

Typically, venture capitalists invest in good industries that show potential for significant growth. Essentially, they focus on the middle part of the “S-curve,” avoiding the early, uncertain stages and the later stages when growth slows dramatically. Investing in the wrong industry is something venture capitalists try very hard to avoid.

Finding a Co-Founder

Oftentimes non-technical founders need a co-founder to help with the technical side of things.

Oftentimes non-technical founders need a co-founder to help with the technical side of things. Co founders can work together to achieve business growth that wouldn’t be possible if they were working independently. Co founder titles can vary, depending on their area of expertise and what exactly they’ll be doing within the organization. It’s important, too, to understand the meaning of co-founder vs founder. Put simply, the founder is the one that has the initial idea to start the business, and the co-founder supports them in their ideas, helping to grow the company.

When determining how to find co-founders for startup businesses, there are a number of things to consider. First, you should check your pre-existing network. Is there anyone you know professionally or personally that has expressed interest in the type of business you’re looking to start? If you’re wanting to find a co-founder, examining your own circles may be the best place to start. There are different types of co-founders, so you should aim to find someone that’s as closely aligned to your business goals as possible.

Golden Section helps fill the co-founder role to some extent with its “founder-focused studio” model. In fact, with Golden Section, you can gain access to a perfectly stacked team. B2B SaaS development is about more than just coding, and by filling your team’s roles with the right people you can accelerate and optimize an efficient building process for your product. In addition, you can deploy growth capital efficiently and access sources of growth-stage financing so that you can continue to drive innovation.

Golden Section offers three main areas of expertise: studios, product, and ventures. With Golden Section’s studios you can get early-stage funding, product development, and community and expertise. Golden Section’s product features are cost efficient and deliver a proven process and full-stack team. Finally, ventures offers users growth funding, strategic partnership, and sidecar opportunities. Whether you’re working with a co-founder or going into your new business alone, Golden Section can help you get started and help your business grow at an efficient pace. This can be especially useful for founders that are new to venture capital and are looking for ways to set their business up for maximum success.

Types of Venture Funding

There are different types of venture funding, including options like private equity firms.

For instance, if you’re just starting out, you will need to gather seed capital. Once you get a little further along in your business you can begin seeking startup capital. At this stage your company should have a sample product. While it’s rare to receive funding at this point in the process, the funding you do get should cover items related to the finalization of your product or service. Early stage capital is often received a few years into your venture. This funding can help you increase sales and improve productivity and efficiency.

Once your company is well-established and has been around for a while you can start looking for expansion capital, which will enable you to enter new markets or improve your existing marketing efforts. Later on, you may receive late stage capital. Bridge financing is also available for those seeking a partner to help them find a merger or acquisition opportunity. Essentially, the type of venture funding you can receive depends on the age of your business, your success, and what you’re hoping to accomplish further down the road.

Golden Section helps founders focus on capital efficiency and growing their revenue, as well as understand their growth and exit options. By partnering with Golden Section you can ensure you never feel like you’re backed into a corner with your business. Whether you’re interested in growth with increased efficiency, avoiding equity dilution, or developing an exit strategy, Golden Section has the solutions that are right for you. Golden Section’s leadership team is comprised of experienced founders that have run early-stage companies and understand the pitfalls that new founders may encounter along the way.

You can benefit from Golden Section’s pool of hard-earned wisdom, ensuring that you don’t run into problems that can hinder the growth of your business. Of course, the perfect business investment opportunity doesn’t just come out of nowhere, which is why Golden Section looks for businesses with potential—ones that can achieve greatness with the proper support.


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From our MVP in 2015 to demonstrated Product Market Fit to strategic support with our growth funding, the Golden Section team has been an indispensable partner and resource for System Surveyor.

Christopher Hugman
Founder & CEO, System Surveyor

Since QMSC’s inception, Golden Section has provided valuable direction regarding strategic market alignment, branding, and most importantly intuitive guidance for our technology roadmap.

Marshall R. Williams
Founder, QMSC

As an entrepreneur, I need to have a partner who understands my vision, not just a digital order taker. Golden Section has exceeded my expectations, providing tools and people to help grow my business rapidly.

Charles Turner
Founder & CEO, KARE

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