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Investing in a Managed Marketplace for Long-Distance Movers

March 28, 2023
Written by Golden Section


The moving industry is a critical component of the American supply chain, enabling professionals to relocate, individuals to purchase and move into new homes, and goods to be transported to every corner of the country. Despite its essential role in the economy, there is still a need for more efficient processes, better user experiences, and transparency. 

This need is a significant reason why we recently led an investment round in Walkboard. We believe in the company’s approach to building a managed marketplace for long-distance moving, with thoughtful, well-designed software. Its mission is to make the lives of movers better by making the moving process as seamless as possible. To date, Walkboard has partnered with some of the biggest names in the moving industry and will leverage the $2,000,000 it has raised to fund and drive additional growth through expanded marketing and sales efforts. 

The platform provides movers with a suite of tools to help them better manage their operations and track capacity across the marketplace. It also enables movers to optimize their routes, load capacity, and scheduling. This has proven to be particularly impactful with corporate relocation teams, as these tools provide them with a single platform through which they can manage the elements that go into human relocation at their company. 

Walkboard was founded in 2015, and its leadership team comprises Greg Maczka, CEO, and Robert Vespa, head of operations. Greg is a two-time founder and is the visionary behind the company. Robert has been leading the operations group for over two years and was previously Vice President of move management at Suddath, a moving and logistics company that operates worldwide. 

Combining Greg’s vision with Robert’s experience in the moving industry creates the type of leadership that we believe can take a company to its next stage of growth. Greg and Robert will also leverage our resources to help optimize their continued product development, along with our guidance in navigating their marketing and sales strategies. 

At Golden Section, our mission is to build a thriving community of founders. To achieve this, we invest in founders who have subject matter expertise with vision, with whom we want to journey towards their meaningful exit. Given the team’s extensive experience in the moving space and Greg Maczka’s vision of revolutionizing the long-distance moving industry, we are confident in the path that Walkboard is taking with us. 

We are excited to be working with Greg and his team and look forward to journeying together with them. 

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