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Leverage your revenue to grow enterprise value

We provide founders a path to a meaningful exit while keeping their equity intact

Non-Dilutive Capital

Growing revenue requires capital. Accessing a credit line through our lending facility enables that without the dilution a traditional venture investment would demand of your equity.

GS Lending powers efficient sales organizations to create $4 of ARR from each $1 borrowed which translates into $10 of enterprise value for $1invested into your sales and marketing budget.

Golden Section Lending provides flexible credit products for B2B SaaS founders with lines between $1M to $5M. Unlike most revenue-based lending, we provide large commitments wrapped with access to industry expertise to propel your company to an exit. Our 60+ years of collective experience activates with our venture debt facility to power driven founders with the resources to get to an exit without excessive dilution.

Committed Capital

GSL gives founders confidence to drive their revenue machine all the way to an exit.

Other venture lenders spend months getting to know you, and then cap their commitments at less than 50% of revenue. We can unlock 2x your revenue in a single commitment within 30 days.

Access to Expertise

We are built by founders for founders and have helped 400+ B2B SaaS companies grow.

We don’t know all the right ways to grow a SaaS company but we know 136+ ways not to! This mistake list is key to the value founders get from journeying with us.

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How Much Value and Growth Can Revenue Based Financing Drive for You?

Our Formula

SE – Sales Efficiency
GSL – GSL Commitment
ARR – Current ARR
Gr(GSL) – GSL Growth %


Most revenue-based lending does not provide large loans coupled with expertise to propel a B2B SaaS company towards their meaningful exit.


GS Lending can propel your company’s growth with 1x capital to drive 10x value, combined with our 60+ years of collective experience activates with GS Lending to power driven founders with the resources to get to a meaningful exit.





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