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Value-driven Product Initiatives

Product Management

Review/Update Product Roadmap and ensure alignment with Product Strategy

Review Product Backlog for Prioritization & Grooming of User Stories

Update/maintain Product Documentation (Specifications, Release Notes, Product How-To’s, etc.)

Meet regularly with Client/User Groups to better understand challenges & discuss product enhancements

Provide functional support to the team to maintain optimal productivity levels

Explore the product to identify areas for improvement: user experience, usability, workflow, functionality

UX Design

Refine and complete design systems and review consistency in component use

Update Prototype to exemplify a user flow

Present work to colleagues and ask for feedback

Organize designs in Figma

Communicate with Dev team & BA to reduce the gap between teams, assist in overall product dev process

Track the design quality standards, to iterate across design phases

Review existing UX

Research documentation to ensure compliance

Review upcoming functional and technical requirements to assess current design

Communicate with users, team and stakeholders for future enhancements & next steps listed in priority

Keep track of modern design trends

Business Analysis

Follow up with upcoming tasks (start gathering requirements, knowledge, etc.)

Follow up with dev team, make sure no questions or blockers exist

Follow up on outstanding bugs from QA run report (test test test)

Get with product manager and PM, start working on next sprint’s plan

Develop workflows, site maps, flow charts, etc. needed to further document and explain the application

Quality Assurance

Review the backlog and prep for upcoming tasks

Follow up with dev team, make sure no questions or blockers exist

Follow up on outstanding bugs from QA run report (test, test, test)

Project Management

Harvest review to ensure tasks and roles/resources are up to date

Asana review to ensure assignees, due dates and statuses are up to date

Review resources allocation to specific founder’s project (all roles) to plan for the future

Review project documentation

Review release plans, sprint plans and MVP launch plans on a recurrent basis

Review project file repositories to upload and keep documentation to specific founder’s project up to date

Meet with the customer to review action plan to increase satisfaction level


Research tech solutions and light POC development on detailed designs/workflows

Review Performance metrics, assess code debt and evaluate performance issues according to LG report

Work on scalabilities and performance enhancements per the APM metrics

Work on development only tasks (non-functional requirements as well) that are in the technical roadmap