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LIMS for Specialty Enterprise Labs 

Golden Section’s Role

Venture Partnership 


Drive capital efficiency through sales efficiency and product efficiency. 

A seasoned executive in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) lab management runs a lab information management system purpose built for HLA labs. 


The company implemented sales operational improvements and technical improvements yielding increased revenue growth and top decile capital efficiency. 

Golden Section partnered with the leadership team to:

  1. Assess the quality of the technology
  2. Assess the efficiency of the product development process
  3. Identify and improve sales operational processes.

As a result, the company achieved top decile capital efficiency by growing revenue more than 2x the invested capital.

Value Delivered

Lasting efficiency through actionable insights and operational expertise. 

  • Venture partnership drove technical process confidence
  • Venture partnership drove operational improvements through strategies created from benchmarking company results against Golden Section’s database
Meaningful Exit

In January 2023 the company was acquired by a strategic buyer

  • Purchasing agreement was a combination of cash and contingent consideration
  • Co-founders and team integrated into purchaser’s organization to continue operating the business