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Labor Matching SaaS for Senior Care

Golden Section’s Role

Technical Co-Founder

Venture Partnership
Fractional Leadership
Product Strategy
Ux Design
Full Stack Development
Cloud Infrastructure

Design and build a labor matching platform that addresses the labor shortages around senior care.

A seasoned executive in senior care management and development saw the opportunity to create a labor matching platform for the mutual benefit of both shift-work certified technicians and labor-short senior living communities.


A 3-platform solution was developed in 1/2 the time at 1/3 of the expense.

Golden Section was brought in as a technical co-founder to roadmap, design, and develop this 3-platform solution in just 6 months. With multiple integrations (HR workflows, background checks, payment processing, multiple workflow text/email messaging), Golden Section navigated what would have otherwise taken 2x longer at 3x the R&D expense. The founder’s access to growth capital was streamlined and risk was mitigated by Golden Section’s strategic capital partnership and R&D execution team. As a trusted development partner, Golden Section was able to build on the founder’s tremendous industry connections to help the company achieve phenomenal revenue and valuation growth.

Value Delivered

Lasting efficiency through global operational expertise.

  • Fractional tech leadership provided expert guidance to mitigate risk through the merging of business and development

  • Design, full-stack development, and leadership (including CTO and venture partnership) staff embedded and onboarded quickly to maximize R&D budget

  • Direct access to global offices and staff reduced labor costs on US business hours

  • Fractional controller and accounting services managed and established a system to handle a high volume of transactions