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Supply-chain Quality Management Platform for Complex Supply Chains

Golden Section’s Role

Technical Co-Founder


Design and build a business and platform for large complex supply chain organizations

A seasoned executive in supplier quality engineering partnered with Golden Section to build a supply-chain quality platform for large organizations with complex supply chains.


A complex enterprise system was created for 1/3 the cost and scaled at 2x greater capital efficiency.

Golden Section was brought in as a technical co-founder to roadmap, design, and develop this complex solution. With complex requirements, Golden Section navigated what would have otherwise cost 3x the R&D expense. The founder’s access to growth capital was streamlined, and risk was mitigated by Golden Section’s strategic capital partnership and R&D execution team. Furthermore, Golden Section helped identify sales leadership and new team members for the company. As a trusted development and business partner, Golden Section was able to build on the founder’s tremendous industry connections to help the company achieve phenomenal revenue growth.

Value Delivered

Lasting efficiency through actionable insights and global operational expertise.

  • Fractional tech leadership provided expert guidance to mitigate risk through the merging of business and development
  • Design, full-stack development, and leadership (including CTO and venture partnership) staff embedded and onboarded quickly to maximize R&D budget
  • Direct access to global offices and staff reduced labor costs on US business hours
  • Controller services drove financial reporting and cash management to enable leadership to focus on revenue growth
  • Venture partnership drove operational improvements through strategies created from benchmarking company results against Golden Section’s database