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Empower employees to easily serve and align personal interests with corporate impact initiatives

Golden Section’s Role

Venture Partnership 

Venture Partnership
Product Strategy

Build a scalable MVP to get revenue and provide measurable ROI to customers.

First launched in 2018, Swoovy originally entered the market as a dating app. Aiming to provide matched couples and groups with an impactful activity while getting to know and hangout together. Through pairing interests with volunteer opportunities, Swoovy gained traction and spotted a larger opportunity. With the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility and the need to track, manage, and connect non-profits to businesses, Swoovy decided to expand into this new vertical in June of 2021.


Golden Section partnered with the founder to identify opportunity to increase ACV up to 5x based on ROI delivered to large clients.

Through guidance via Venture Partner program, Swoovy learned sales best practices resulting in an increased corporate pipeline and broadened target customer opportunity.

Value Delivered
  • Increased revenue opportunity
  • Venture partnership increased sales confidence
  • Optimized sales funnel
  • Increased pricing strategy
  • Launched Non-Profit Dashboard
  • Launched SMB Platform