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Andrés Moncivais

Position: Accountant
Favorite Food: Definitely Mexican :)
Categories: G&A
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

I’ve been working since I was on college, working for treasury positions and also in sales force for other companies, but I noticed that I wanted to apply the knowledge I got at college and my other jobs, so I looked for a company that can offer me all this, plus a nice environment to grow as a person and as an accountant.

What is one thing people should know about you? I am a big fan of all Boston teams, Red Sox, Celtics and NE Patriots, this as a familiar tradition since my grandparent and my dad studied at Boston. If you want to talk all day about sports, you can find on me the right person.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I hate spiders, even though Spider-Man is one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes.

What are you most passionate about professionally? The most passionate about professionally for me is being part of the financial team, taking care of the company in the numbers part, and also giving my best to get the better results.

What are you most passionate about personally? Spending time with my family at the woods, resting and having good time is something I enjoy a lot, also to play and watching team sports.

What is your favorite place to travel to and why? To the woods, the fresh air you get out there is something I really enjoy a lot, riding horses and walking during hours, is something I won’t change.

What is your favorite way to pursue balance in your life? To always know that there is time for everything, to work, to relax, to party, to thank, I think that if you respect your time and the others, the rest will come by it own.