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Jacobo Vargas

Position: Sr. Project Manager
Favorite Food: Mexican
Categories: Product
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Passionate Industrial Engineer that went from production, logistic, and quality roles on some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world like P&G, to fall in love with project management and business consulting.

With 20 years of professional experience, a lot can be told but my highlights are the ones that guide me to be happy and realized that anything can be done if you plan, execute and improve every day, like:

Be one of the leaders of UNESCO international workcamps projects in Mexico and Canada. Manage to obtain the first Global Standard SQF certification with a perfect score for Food Manufactures in the whole world in the first attempt. Build one functional tunnel capable to freeze vegetables and fruits in seconds. Be leading part of the growth strategy for one company that now is about to IPO in the US. COO and lead of the organizational structure and strategic planning of the first Mexican GEN company (Generation Exchange Network). Being able to lead and manage the creation of the first ERP for Avocado Growers and processors from scratch. Build a proven system to lead teams and organizations to strategic planning, team building, development, and success paths. And you know what, all of the above did it by using project management skills, technics, and methodologies/frameworks (even when I didn’t know it was in the earlier days).

I think my path was a bit unusual because I took one courageous shoot once an opportunity to manage a project was presented to me where I was not supposed to be the one to do it but something makes me rise my hand, challenging as it was we thrive and became my passion, that feeling of being a key part of the success and how you can serve, guide, help, mentor, be taught, and learn from the best gives the sense of purpose that drives me to excel my self, knowledge, and attitude!

What is one thing people should know about you? That I’m happy, a big hugger, a friendly people person with a lot of willingness to help. Don’t get intimidated by my size or voice. Love to be taught, hear and if possible teach/mentor/guide.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? Love to do long road trips just to taste food or seek life experiences, what can be shocking is that regularly I can walk around 5-8 miles each day to get to know the city, sights, or environment better (always with one camera).

What are you most passionate about professionally? Work with persons! all the rewarding interaction and the knowledge around. The purpose and that feeling when something is happening and is going to be transcendent.

What are you most passionate about personally? Myself, my family, my friends, and the environment. I love being happy! and be part of the happiness of others too.

What is your favorite place to travel to and why? Anywhere with woods and a nice road with a lot of places to eat on the way. Like to explore!

What is your favorite way to pursue balance in your life? Drinking a tisana resuming my days! I love spend time with me, my family, and friends. Do home improvements (mine, relatives or friends), helping others, and don’t forget to laugh until some happy tears show. Cinemas and lately excercise. (let’s lose some pounds).